Rooftop Oasis

2021.10.21 15:26 SuperBoss42069 Rooftop Oasis

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2021.10.21 15:26 nintendowire-poster Pokémon Championship Series returns in 2022

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2021.10.21 15:26 purusharth_koly Random screenshot #5

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2021.10.21 15:26 ImperialFister04 Don't know if this fits here, but I have to ask, who is 'ziz'?

I've seen a recent post by someone on this 'ziz' character, I read through the linked webpage and gleaned basically nothing of substance other than that she is a rationalist with a hardon for cult-like practices.
So, what's the deal with this person? Sorry if this doesn't fit into the realm of 'sneering'.
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2021.10.21 15:26 svanapps NFT Artist Brian Frye Wants You to Steal This Article

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2021.10.21 15:26 LowFrameRate Glad to see YIIK’s dev found new work.

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2021.10.21 15:26 leftpang Can I ask for a raise without getting a counter offer first? Also got a raise 2 months ago

I work at a big tech company (~9 years experience). I've always had a salary a bit below what I could get elsewhere but was ok with it because I love my job. Then ~8 months ago I began working remotely full time which came with a 15% pay cut. 2 months ago I got a big promotion and was given a 14% raise. This comes with a bit more stock though, so overall i'm very slightly ahead of where I was 8 months ago.
After thinking about it more, i'm unhappy with my overall salary now. I was fine being a little below normal because I loved my job (and its not stressful at all) but now I feel i'm too underpaid. I'm planning to ask my manager for a raise but not sure the right way to go about it. I know I can go get an offer somewhere and use that to negotiate but job hunting is such a huge pain. It'd take me a decent amount of time to study/prepare for interviewing after not having done it in years plus i'd need to take vacation days for each interview. I'd really like to avoid spending all the time studying and taking vacation days just to do these long stressful interviews.
How much does it hurt me to ask for a raise without an offer in hand? I know I could get an offer if I put the time in and i'm pretty sure my company knows this as well. Since salary information is readily available I know i'm not for anything crazy. I'm just really trying to avoid the headache if possible.
Also, should I be waiting longer to ask since I got a promotion not too long ago? Not really familiar with how companies handle salary adjustments and how much timing matters.
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2021.10.21 15:26 thesilentlord1 20 [M4F] looking for a casual sexting chat

No rush whenever you can
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2021.10.21 15:26 grodzk Bad Lidarr uninstall on Synology NAS - Now getting Port 8686 error when trying to reinstall

I made the mistake of uninstalling Lidarr on my NAS but only did the partial uninstall, leaving some garbage behind. Now when I try to reinstall I get the, "Port 8686 configured for this package is either used by another service or reserved for system use" error message. I can ping Port 8686, but cannot TCP connect to it. Synology service recommends doing a reset and reinstallation of the entire Disk Station Manager. I'd like to avoid that hassle. I've also tried to install Lidarr in Docker but it's giving me headaches. Anyone have any advice on how to solve this? Much thanks.
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2021.10.21 15:26 BenMars ELI5 Why is it that we’re for the most part fine in 100 degree weather but touching something that’s 100 degrees burns us?

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2021.10.21 15:26 Shalaco 👻 Ghost Redwood

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2021.10.21 15:26 pinkcranex finally my fearless TV signed cds came! got one for myself and a friend. guys which one do you think i should choose for myself?

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2021.10.21 15:26 jordanrr513 Painful and swollen lower eyelid. Thoughts?

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2021.10.21 15:26 Sunay013 My theory about Zombie Apocalypse of Ancient Builders.

So I have watched the latest Deep Dive episode, and there are somethings I would like to add to it. I also follow [Wifies]( and I am gonna take some parts from his theory about [ancient withers]( and who/what are [Wither Skeletons](\_\_eJq5A-Q)
Now coming to my theory, that this zombie plague was a result of killing the Ancient Withers(which were much larger and stronger, and a little different, compared to withers spawned by us). Because according to Wifies theory, wherever these ancient withers fell dead, it created soul sand valleys, areas with high concentration of soul energy. Also we know that withers are undead mobs(like Zombies and skeletons) and attacked living mobs, the ancient builders fought them. Also, the skeletons in the soul sand valley are none other than the builders who died while fighting(this makes more sense as ranged weaponry are crucial for fighting withers and skeletons carry them). The death of these introduced builders to concept of soul energy, they got busy experimenting with this newly found energy creating wither skeletons and what not in the fortresses, while they ignored a very slowly growing problem, the dying of these withers unleased something which can convert living beings to undeads. But the development of this was too slow in the nether, and it gave time for that virus. There were some occasions of minor things like one or two piglins acting strange, but as the builders didn't care about piglins so they might have just killed them. But things started getting worse with the discovery BEACONS. Now there was even more exchange of materials from nether to overworld, like soul sand and wither skeletons skulls, which beacons directly connected to Withers. And this kickstarted the Apocalyptic events. The builders might have even used piglins as troops for fighting the withers and maybe this is why they hate Wither skeletons. Also this should explain why a awfully large amont of piglins are infected with this virus.
SUMMARY: The Ancient large withers were the first undead mobs, and their death unleased the virus which caused the conversion of living to undead. But the virus reached its true potential when the movement of things like soul sand and Wither skulls from nether to overworld increased for creation of beacons.
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2021.10.21 15:26 sephrinx Esfand fan meet up

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2021.10.21 15:26 pileofgoldcoins Does enter the city first time require to pay toll?

Does enter the city first time require to pay toll? I'm research making my isekai manga I want to know that if I get isekai & enter the town first time the guard won't let my character to get in right? because I'm not their resident they might treat as wanderer or foreign resident from weird outfit. So does my character need to pay toll first time to get in like this? Most mangakas they skipped this part but I won't let it slide if it need to do so in realistic ways. So I'd like to ask this to clarify my question.
If not would you explain what is this person & why he pay for? or is that only for foreign different town merchant that export goods? Aside from the card I care about the picture meaning.
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2021.10.21 15:26 techwreck2020 Shockwave IVL = A Major Innovation in Atherectomy?

Hi all - curious for opinions on Shockwave IVL for decalcification of cardiac vessels. On a scale of 0-10 (10 being: IVL is a big innovation, will end up being used >10% of atherectomy cases in the next 2-3 yrs, and I'm very optimistic about its adoption....and 0 being the opposite), how do cardiologists feel about this new tech?
View Poll
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2021.10.21 15:26 ringobiscuits Over 1000 bus drivers in Glasgow vote to strike during COP 26 summit over 'poverty pay rise'

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2021.10.21 15:26 BusinessTomato4661 [H] 2 $250 Banana Republic GCs [W] PayPal/Crypto

Won them at a raffle and have no use for them. Will to go first if you have confirmed trades/good rep
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2021.10.21 15:26 Senior_League6482 Did a pretty royal Eret for my Inktober prompt

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2021.10.21 15:26 misdemenorweiner Just finished the comics…

That last line from Mark. What an incredibly well done story, the show is going to be fantastic if they can manage all of the storylines as well as they have so far.
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2021.10.21 15:26 5igorsk Классика.

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2021.10.21 15:26 brokensilence32 THIS FUCKING FUCKER!

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2021.10.21 15:26 Tsusam Jack o Lanterns, me, digital, 2021

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2021.10.21 15:26 Legitimate_Wall1141 Problems with referrals? anybody else referrals not showing green with the progress

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