What is that one adorable looking animal you would want as a pet but can easily kill you in a second?

2021.10.21 16:02 DarkMatterLuigi What is that one adorable looking animal you would want as a pet but can easily kill you in a second?

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2021.10.21 16:02 erstfalse meirl

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2021.10.21 16:02 kevinpaulmyrick Keep the family of Rev. Thomas of Rockmart in your prayers this afternoon. He passed on Wednesday at the age of 86.

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2021.10.21 16:02 HogSqueezingBot How do I add more vertices like it's shown in this video?

Here's the video with timestamp.(59 secs) .
I'm trying to replicate this tutorial and I'm not sure how to add multiple vertices. Any help would be appreciated
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2021.10.21 16:02 rulesforrebels @binance: Thinking about buying some #Bitcoin? Click here➡️ https://t.co/CMUnsXdqEw https://t.co/BHfHf5MGgY

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2021.10.21 16:02 shining_monkey_69 What are your favourite modpacks for 1.16 plus?

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2021.10.21 16:02 738183 Did I do anything bad when working with kids?

My whole life I was sexually abused, and over the summer I worked with children. I went in thinking “do not touch, no matter what”, but that ended up going out the window. I ended up making physical contact a few times, and I just want to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong:
One time, a ten year old boy fell over in a sand pit and was complaining about the sand all over him. He kept asking me if he could take off his shirt, and I said no. Eventually he lifted his shirt and asked me if I could wipe the sand off a spot on his (bare) back that he couldn’t reach, so I did. Later, he asked me if he could hold onto me in the pool to get to the shallow end, so I let him.
One time, another 10 year old boy tickled me so I tickled him back, then made him stop.
One time a 9 year old girl got punched in the stomach, and to write a report I had to see if there was a visible injury. I asked her to lift her shirt, she said no, I asked again and clarified why, she said no, so I called my bosses to deal with the situation.
A 5 year old boy asked me for help pulling up his swim trunks, so I helped him, but they were much tighter then I expected and I could feel the backs of my hands against his rear. I got very uncomfortable and told him to loosen the string.
Did I do something wrong?
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2021.10.21 16:02 No-Focus-7142 What are the best stats for taming

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2021.10.21 16:02 ponchosmom not sure how popular this is among this crowd, but the long-lasting base + glossy taco combo is truly incredible! these are my nails after OVER a week & almost no chipping (and the chipping on my pointer finger is from me picking at it lol)

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2021.10.21 16:02 luissteam Latest beta updates broke BPM usage in messages

After last patch the insert pony emote has returned, while it was broken in the one of two days ago, however emotes still aren't displayed at all in messages

Using the [](/) code
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2021.10.21 16:02 TheOsttle skipping through the snapchat story of someone you met at a party once

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2021.10.21 16:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Michigan official: Benton Harbor water woes ‘inexcusable’ | Toronto Star

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2021.10.21 16:02 MrGameandWatch24 Giratina 5472 5097 8297

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2021.10.21 16:02 giddygoat2769 I'm pretty sure Truck Drivers spend half their lives waiting for someone's break to end.

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2021.10.21 16:02 BAKER_SWAG Was macht ihr wenn ihr in lästigen Whatsapp Gruppen seid?

bin seit nem guten halben Jahr in einer Whatsapp Gruppe von meinen Arbeitskollegen. Aber ich halts einfach nicht mehr aus. Ja ich könnte einfach austreten, aber dann fühlen die sich bestimmt persönlich angegriffen und ich muss mich rechtfertigen dafür.
Ist ne richtig klischeehafte Männergruppe im Alter von 30-60 (bis vor kurzem da wurden paar Büroladies auch hinzugefügt). Bilder von nackten Frauen, viel trashtalk, Politik memes, fast jeden Tag werden Bilder geschickt von dem Bier was sie grade trinken, unlustige oder richtig kindische Memes und Videos. JEden Tag hab ich da locker 30 Nachrichten drin. Glaubt mir, ich hab nen sehr guten Humor aber diese Whatsapp Gruppe ist einfach nur cringe.
Hab die Gruppe seit Tag 1 gemuted aber leider zeigts mir dann im Standby Bildschirm usw immer noch an das Nachrichten gekommen sind. Wie schon gesagt, einfach austreten ist ja auch irgendwie doof findet ihr nicht? Oder gäbs irgend ne gute Ausrede für sowas.
Habt ihr mit sowas auch Erfahrungen?
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2021.10.21 16:02 anniecatee Health problems for 4 years, no one has listened

Worth a doctor’s appointment?
This is going to be long and sporadic, but I feel like no one has ever listened to me. I am a 19 year old female. I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia (ferritin level of 6) and B12 deficiency 2 years ago. I got 2 infusions for this and take vitamins for my b12 deficiency. I had dealt with fainting, anxiety, severe heat intolerance, and migraines for all my life, but only went to the doctor 2 years ago. I am extremely susceptible to infections, just this year I have had strep, bronchitis, several UTIs, and 2 kidney infections. When I was around 15, I began having extreme stomach problems, cramping, bloating, nausea, etc. They checked for celiac disease, but I was negative. They did an endoscopy to check for ulcers, none, but did note that I had atrophy. I was told that the symptoms were caused by anxiety. In the summer I CANNOT do physical activity while it is hot, I will throw up and faint. I was physically fit all through high school and played sports and have a healthy BMI. Around this same time 2 years ago, I began having kidney stones. Once again no one had listened to my problems relating to my kidneys until the stones developed, and having waited so long I was nearly septic. I have had 3 sets of stones since then. What could cause all of this? I know several of these are probably unrelated to each other, but could something be causing all of this? My stomach is still in pain almost every day, causing me to eat less, simply because of the pain. I still feel as if all the symptoms of the anemia are present, even after treatment. I have experienced drops in blood sugar before, but they were never checked out, only with my diabetic grandfathers prick machine “idk what thats called”. Should I seek out a specialist in something? I have been on birth control for 3 years and do not have a period. I take prozac and daily vitamins.
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2021.10.21 16:02 JuhnuXD Mikä biisi?? voiko joku kertoo piils?!!

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2021.10.21 16:02 Silver-C0y0te "𝗦𝗼𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗠𝗮𝗻"

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2021.10.21 16:02 General_Exam9690 Can’t go watch a damn video without comments like these.

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2021.10.21 16:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Biden ties legislative agenda to MLK push for racial justice | Toronto Star

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2021.10.21 16:02 LeakyMilk It's Always Sunny in Autumn Chapter 1: As summer fades

As Summer fades Winter makes its way. The leaves began to show the way to the new season. The naked trees look embarrassed and the snow comes to blanket the grown. But we are in the middle. The snow hasn’t come yet. Autumn is a short time. A time spent slowly changing. The Sun is starting to ignore this time of year. The lights became bright. Whispers filled the room as flash came from every angle. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a clean look with his hair slicked back.
“What does school mean to you?” the voice asked from behind the camera.
“Learning all I need to know,” he said, smiling as cameras flashed around. Brown hair and green eyes took the chair next. Her outfit was well picked out to go with the flash of the camera.
“What does school mean to you?” There was no pause; she was ready.
“Pushing me and my friends forward into life.” Black hair with glasses hiding hazel eyes almost tripped taking the seat next. One after another the children took the seat being given the same question over and over. Short hair, long hair, skirts, shorts. All the different colors of clothing and all the different sizes of kids filled the lens of a camera. Long black hair with the bangs cut above the eyes. A simple blue shirt over a white skirt. The stool was moved to make way for her wheels. Her chair was stopped and locked into place. Her head hung low with a face that could break a camera’s lens. The whispers stopped. There seemed to be hesitation.
“What does school mean to you?” She lifted her head showing everyone her sad dead face. As the words dropped from her mouth screams filled her head. School wasn’t nice to Autum. Autum was later taken out of school from all the bullying of her condition. Autum has Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Autum hates her legs so much that she’d rather they not be there. She sits in a wheelchair everyday in the same spot in her living room doing nothing. The light shines in through the trees and through the window every morning. Autum lived in a fairly nice house on a street in the middle of nowhere. This street was so big that all the houses were far apart and behind each house was basically a forest. Every morning Autum is woken up by her housekeeper Beth and helped into her chair. Beth is an older woman who spends her time taking care of Autum and the house. Beth’s blonde hair is normally coming down the side in a braid. The blinds were pulled back as the sun peered into the room. Beth pulled back the blanket as Autum hissed.
“I do say you are quite creature-ish today,” Beth said, rolling up the blanket to fold it. Beth’s job is to maintain the house and take care of Autum. Her job was not always like this. Ever Since the death of Autum’s mothers Beth has done more than what is needed around the house.
Autum rolled over facing Beth with her arms sticking out. Beth sighed as she pulled Autum from bed and sat her down in the wheelchair next to the bed. Beth pushed her all the way to the living room and stopped her in front of the big glass window. This was normal for Autum. This was all the sun she got. Waiting for her food her eyes always drooped to her lap. After breakfast was when she was home schooled by Beth. Sitting in her chair waiting for her food was normal, but what was not normal was the sound she heard next. A loud roar broke through the walls. Autum looked up as branches dropped from the sky. She stood a bit in her chair only to drop back down as Beth walked back with a plate of pancakes. “Now don’t be fussing today. I don’t want you to be mean to the new help.” Autum looked through the leaves and branches to see a man holding bolt cutters as he chopped at the tree. “You know I can’t do everything around here.” Beth turned back to the kitchen to finish dishes. Autum pulled her head back to see Beth washing away. Jerking her head back forward, another branch fell. Autum tried to scoop forward for a better view. Her chair seemed to be stuck in place. Autum leaned down to undo the latch holding her chair in place. Having trouble grabbing the latch Autum jumped right back up as the back door opened. Standing in the doorway was a tall blonde man. His face looked like he fell over in the dirt. His chin was small with big blue eyes under hair that was pushed to the side. He was normally built. He had on a dirty white shirt under overalls.
“I’m sorry to bother you for a glass of water.” He didn’t look at Autum. He looked like he was trying his best to avoid eye contact.
“Don’t worry dear.” Beth made her way over with a glass of water. Autum lowered her head as their eyes met. “Autum say hello to your new gardener,” Beth said putting her hands on Autum’s shoulders. “This is Sunny.” Sunny took two big steps over rubbing the back of his head.
“Hi Autum, I’m the gardener Sunny. Right you already said my name,” Sunny nervously said. Sunny just awkwardly stood there in the silence. Beth slapped Autum on the back.
“Hello,” Autum said quietly. She kept her head down, not looking at him.
“Right, I better get back to it. It was nice to meet you,” he said, walking backwards outside. The door closed as the sound of an engine roar started up again. This was the first day Autum met Sunny. Sunny was a bit older than Autum. He got a job as a gardener to help pay for college. Everyday Sunny would come by the house to clean up and water the yard and everyday Autum would watch him from the living room window. If Sunny saw her watching he would smile and wave and Autum would look away as if she was never looking in the first place. If there was any conversation it was short and brief. Sunny would ask her stuff like how’s your day going and Autum would say stuff like It’s fine or ok. Autum didn’t spend any time with anyone except Beth and the small moments with Sunny. Autum’s father was always away on work. It would seem that he dived into his work after his wife’s death. It wasn’t always like this however. Autum used to have friends and a life at school, but kids did not understand what was wrong with her. I’m not even sure Autum knew what was wrong with her. It didn't take long for rumors to spread. Soon after Autum became a school outcast because who would want to hang out with the girl who pretended to not feel her legs. When Autum is in stress she can be seen scratching rapidly at her legs. Beth started to put gauze all over Autum’s legs to help prevent this.
“Now you wouldn’t be staring at Sunny working his butt off now would you?” Beth asked, coming up behind Autum as she gazed out the window. Autum jerked herself, turning her chair to the left. “Oh dear it’s nothing to be ashamed about. I mean look at him, he is quite handsome for his age. I mean an old woman like me would kill to have a man like that,” Beth said, hugging the air as she was lost in thought. As Autum shifted away from the window she then was facing the TV. Autum had not watched anything in a long time. She kept herself disconnected from the outside world. “Here did you want to watch something,” Beth said, turning on the TV. Autum freaked a bit as Beth dropped the remote. Like slow motion it went right in between the couch cushions. Beth walked away before Autum could get a word out. A cartoon of a cat and a mouse played on the screen. Autum reached out past her chair for the remote that stuck out wedged in the couch. As her fingers got closer the sound of a chuckle pulled her back.
“This one is a classic,” Sunny said with a light laugh. Autum pulled back, almost rolling into a ball in her chair. Sunny’s eyes darted to her. “Were you trying to get the remote?” he asked, walking over. She shrieked under her breath and wrapped herself in her arms. She tried to change her mind but her mind was caught on something. It was the cartoon sound effects that were award-winning. It wasn't the cake being made by Beth in the kitchen. It was the smell of a man. A smell Autum had not smelled in a long time. Her hands lowered as his voice came back. "Here you go, I didn't mean to bother you," Sunny said just holding the remote out to her. It floated in the air and in his hand. She swiped it from him and turned off the TV. A quiet murmur could be heard as she crossed her arms and looked away. Sunny said no more words and went back outside to water the garden. The day was as simple as always. Autum fell asleep in her chair and was only woken up to the sound of the back door.
“You can’t just leave, it is just about dinner time.” Autum dropped her head back to see Beth talking to Sunny in the doorway. It was hard to focus on them as they were flipped and upside down. She turned around in her chair watching.
“I really appreciate it, but I don’t want to bother Autum.” Sunny looked over worried, noticing she was watching. Autum hid behind her bangs.
“Nonsense we would love to have you Beth said pulling Autum close. Sunny’s face went from worried to a faint smile and Autum’s face went from still to worried.
“Only if it’s ok with Autum,” Sunny said, dropping his head in thankfulness. Autum’s eyes went wide as her chair was pulled into the kitchen.
“Now you listen here missy that boy works his butt off to take care of this house, and it would be rude not to have him for dinner,” Beth said quietly in Autum’s face. Autum just nodded yes frantically. “Good.” She pushed Autum back in front of Sunny. He just gave a big smile. Beth slapped the chair as Autum looked for the words.
“It’s ok with me,” Autum said hanging her head letting her bangs drape. They all sat around the dinner table eating mashed potatoes and chicken. Autum sat there staring at her food. Her hands rested on her chair’s armrests.
“Does she need help eating?” Sunny asked Beth quietly in her ear. Autum looked over angry. “Oh I didn’t mean to say it like that, I should have just asked you directly,” he said frantically.
“Don’t worry dear, I think she is just shy. You know her legs are in working order as well,” Beth said pointing her spoon at Autum. The anger in Autum’s face spread to her whole body as she kicked Beth. “See just like I said,” Beth said getting up. Beth cleaned off her plate and turned to face everyone. “Well it would seem I am done eating. You two have nice conversation.” Autum gave a horrible scowl. Beth gave one back. As Beth turned to walk away Autum flicked mashed potatoes at her hitting the wall next to her. Beth looked back in anger then just kept walking. Sunny was a little shocked watching it all.
“I understand if you don’t want to eat with me. I’m a stranger,” Sunny said looking down at his food. “But I find myself curious, and you don’t have to say anything. So you sit in a chair like your body won’t move, but it will.”
“My legs don’t work,” Autum said quietly. She started eating fast to drown out his talking.
“Right, I’m sorry for bringing it up. You know when I was in highschool I tore my leg playing sports. It wasn’t that bad, but I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to walk ever again,” Sunny said slowly getting back to eating. the air became awkward. Neither of them knew what to say. The tension was cut as Beth plopped down a cake. The sides were chocolate with red icing dripping down. And the top was pink with strawberries. Autum leaned forward as Sunny cut her off with his hand. "Here don't get up, I can cut one for you." Autum sunk down fast in her chair. Sometimes she doesn't even notice she is using her legs. Sunny cut her an end slice of cake and slid it over to her. Autum just stared at it. "It's not gonna bite," Sunny said, laughing a bit.. Autum looked up to see cake dripping off his lips and chin. A held back chuckle began to emerge. Autum's eyes began to diverge as the sound of another chuckle hit her ears. Beth was watching from the couch and looking right at Autum giggling. Autum became red and covered her mouth. Beth smirked and turned around to face the TV. “What is it? Is there something on my face?’ Sunny asked as he pulled up a napkin and cleaned his face. Autum tried to turn her attention to her plate and brought up a big spoon full to her mouth. “Did I get it?’ Sunny asked, pulling down the napkin. Autum fumbled with her spoon as the sight of a missed spot brought out more laughter from inside her. She caught the spoon tight in her hand but a small amount fell onto her lap. Autum just looked up as her face grew ever so red. “Here let me help you,” Sunny said standing up. Sunny just stood there with a napkin looking down at Autum as she lowered her red face.
“Here allow me,” Beth said, cutting in between them cleaning Autum’s lap.
“Right, then I’ll just clean up here,” Sunny said as he started picking up plates.
“Now why are you doing that? That’s my job not yours,” Beth said, taking the plates from his hands.
“I’m sorry,” he said, hanging his head low. Autum peered around Beth to see Sunny with a calm but confused expression. “I really do appreciate having me for dinner, but I really must be going,” Sunny said, getting himself in order. He checked for all his belongings and made his way to the door.
“We would be glad to have you stay again,” Beth said, turning to him. He just nodded to her with a smile. His eyes shifted to Autum as his face followed.
“Thank you I had fun Autum,” he said with a big smile. Autum pulled herself from the table and rolled over to him a bit.
“Goodbye,” Autum said quietly. Beth turned around in surprise. Sunny waved before walking out the door.
“Someone had fun with the gardener, ah?” Beth said, hugging Autum from behind. It only took a second for Autum to sink her teeth into Beth’s arm. “Demon child you are,” Beth said, pulling away as she followed her words with more in a different language as she shouted walking away. It didn't take long for Beth to come back and wheel Autum to bed. Beth pulled all of Aurum's clothes off and slipped her into white pajamas with cats on them. Autum normally stayed awake for an hour before falling asleep. She thought about all sorts of stuff. Maybe what it would be like to work in an office, or be a superhero, or be popular at school. The tears could not be held back. The thought of her mother krept in. Her breathing became heavy. Every thought became nuclear. As she reached for her beeper on the side table her hand froze. She thought about Beth and how much Beth hated her. She imagined Beth telling her she should have never called me up here. No one cared about her. It felt like hands we're grabbing her arms from behind. She shook and slammed her arms down on the bed. Screaming spilled out of her head. The light came on as Beth ran into the room in her robe. "It's ok Beth is here," Beth said, holding Autum. Autum tried to relax her breathing. "You know I bought new shoes with these gel things. It's like you're walking on water," Beth said, trying to occupy Autumn's mind. Autum filled her head with the thoughts of new shoes. She imagiened Beth walking out of a store with new shoes on. Autum gripped Beth tight. Autum’s breathing slowed down as Beth pulled back a bit. Beth smiled at Autum as she stroked her hair. Autum knew that Beth didn’t hate her, but when the night terors attack all logic is thrown out the window for Autum. The night terrors began shortly after her mother’s passing. There are triggers for her attacks but even Autum can’t explain them. Most of her attacks happen at night and normaly wake her up from sleep. Another morning always goes the same. Beth wakes up Autum and pulls her into her chair. Beth starts a bath that Autum takes every other day. While Autum is in the bath Beth normaly starts breakfast. Autum can wash herself but Beth always has a ear listening. Autum needs to be pulled from the tub and dressed. Autum and Beth sit around the table every morning eating breakfast.
“I thought you liked your eggs runny?” Beth asked, pointing her fork at Autum’s plate.
“I don’t think I like it like that anymore,” Autum said picking at her bacon. Beth just shrugged and focused on her food. A knock hit the back door as it opened.
“Hey I’ll be in the backyard,” Sunny said waving to them from the back door. Beth nodded and started picking up the mess of food Autum didn’t finish. Autum backed up from the table and rolled over to the back window. Beth just smiled looking at Autum watching sunny water plants.
“Do you want to go outside?” Beth asked, grabbing Autum’s chair. Autum shook her head no but Beth pushed her outside. Autum’s chair was on the cement a couple inches from the grass. Her toes almost touched the grass. Her head became loud with thought. Before screams could spill out Autum was caught off guard.
“You don’t come out here much do you?” Sunny asked, pulling himself off his knees. Autum just shook her head no. Sunny looked like he wanted to ask something then looked back at the plants. “You know these Vines need something to hold on to cause they grow up.” Autum looked at him confused. Sunny always just started talking to fill the silence. “You really do have a beautiful garden. Would you like me to tell you more about what’s in it?” Autum didn’t like the garden. Her mom spent most of her time here. Sunny reached out his hand. Autum did a bit of a wheelie. “Oh how insensitive of me. You know I was never really good around people. Especially girls,” Sunny said, rubbing the back of his head. Autum looked away blushing. Sunny kneeled down sniffing a flower. “You know Daffodil means rebirth. These are always my favorites.” Autum had a flash that took over. A woman was in place of Sunny.
“You know they mean rebirth. I just love these ones,” she said, smiling at Autum. Tears began to take the form of running water on Autum’s face. She was snapped back as Sunny grabbed her shoulder.
“Autum are you ok?” He asked, looking into her eyes through her bangs. Her face became bright red as she shook him off, wiping her tears. “I’m sorry I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” He pulled back as tears fell onto his arm. The silence was cut short by Sunny. “You must have an allergy, let's get you inside,” he said, turning her around and pushing her inside. There was silence for a couple seconds as he locked her chair down in the same spot she was always at. “I’m sorry for bothering you so much, I just want to get to know you more I guess,” he said standing up and looking away from her. She reached for his hand as it flashed as someone else’s. She imagined her mom walking ahead of her as she ran up to grab her hand. She pulled back and sat still.
“It’s ok,” Autum said with a faint smile as she looked down at her lap. As she slowly looked up Sunny was gone. Her heart skipped a beat to only speed up as she turned to see him smiling at her from outside as he watered the plants. She sprung up out of her chair nervously trying to pull down the blinds. She fell out of her chair. She was about to call out until she thought about what would happen if she was too loud. Sunny might run to her side and help her up. Bad thoughts swirled around in her head. It felt like steam was releasing from her head. She called out Beth’s name but to no eval as the sound of her doing dishes was too loud. Autum crawled to the couch and grabbed the TV remote. Autum pulled herself in an upright position and sat steady. She threw her arm back and launched the remote at some pots and pans hanging above the sink.
“Bloody hell!” Beth yelled, flipping around. Beth looked around for the cause to see Autum sitting on the floor, legs straight. “What is the matter with you? You know you can call to me,” Beth said, walking over in rage. Beth stood there for a moment. She noticed the blinds half up and half down. As she fixed them she saw Sunny cutting the grass. “Oh you were shy and didn’t want the gardener to come lift you up in his arms.” Autum shook her head fearlessly. “I can fix this.” Beth smiled as she stepped to the side and opened the window. “Oh Sunny, can you come here for a second!” Beth shouted with a bit of giggle in her voice. Autum beat red, grabbed Beth’s leg and shook it back and forth. The sound of the mower stopping turned Autum’s head into nothing but emotions. Autum tried to climb up Beth. Beth pulled the window closed as she turned to Autum hanging off her arm. Beth raised her arm as Autum dropped onto her feet. Her legs buckled as she fell backwards into her chair. Beth covered her mouth to hold back a laugh.
“Did you need something?” Sunny asked, walking in.
"No, all taken care of thank you dear," Beth said with a grin. Sunny just nodded and went back to work. Sunny gave Beth a death stare filled with rage. "I swear you're a demon with that look," Beth said, going back to dishes. Autum just relaxed in her chair. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep. The walls around her moved as a door opened. As Sunny walked through the door it felt like he was miles away only for him to be right in front of her. He gave a great big smile.
"Hey Autum," he said, putting his hand on her cheek. She just sat there opened mouth as his hand lowered to her lips. His lips soon followed. The words hey Autum echoed in her head until she woke up. Sunny was waving his hand in front of her. "Hey Autum, I couldn't find Beth. I just want to say I'm done for the day." Autum didn't notice her blushed cheeks. She just nodded to him. His hand floated to her cheek. Before he touched her cheek his hand tensed up. Autum was stuck in awe. "Are you feeling ok?" he asked, feeling her head. She said nothing and just looked into his eyes. His eyes lowered and met her's.
"I'm ok," she said at a normal volume. Sunny seemed kinda taken back at how she spoke.
"Then I shall take my leave. Goodbye Autum, see you tomorrow," he said, pulling his bag over his shoulder.
"See you tomorrow," Autum said looking down at her lap with a faint smile. There was a bright smile always hiding under all that sadness. Beth had trouble getting Autum to smile or laugh. Not even Aurum's father could get a rise out of her. Autum did not look forward to seeing her father when he eventually did come around. It was as if they stayed away from each other because they were both reminders of the pain they shared. Autum and her father sat on a dock watching the seagulls swarm the beach.
"Here let me," her father said, pulling her out of the chair. He sat her down so her feet could dangle in the water. They just sat there in silence. Autum thought about what Sunny would say in this moment.
"Hey look at all the seagulls, you know I caught one with my bare hands once," Sunny said in her mind. She saw his smile and without knowing imitated it.
"It's been so long since I've seen you smile," her father said softly. Tears began to run down his face. She opened her arms and embraced his sadness. The tears that ran down her back off of her father's face helped fill the lake. They got back home with time for Autum to be schooled by Beth. Autum was kissed on the cheek by her father and left by the kitchen table. As her father walked out Sunny walked in saying hello to her father.
"Good morning Autum," Sunny said walking by.
"Morning," Autum said with a smile. Sunny turned and smiled back at her as he walked out the back door.
"Now open your book dear," Beth said sitting at the table. The lessons went more or less the same as they always did, only this time Autum had her attention elsewhere. Beth slapped Aurum's book as she stared out the window. "I see the gardener has your attention as always." Autum looked back at Beth with a slight luminous look. Beth looked back at her with curiosity. Autum had her fingers on the table tapping them fast. Before anyone could say anything Sunny walked in.
"Don't mind me just using the bathroom," Sunny said walking by the kitchen table. Aurum's eyes followed him around the house until they landed on Beth who was almost gasping.
"Maybe he does, can we just focus on the work," Autum said. Beth looked astonished. Beth said nothing more on the matter and went back to the lesson. When Sunny made it back out Autum nervously waved a bit.
"Hope the lessons are going well ladies," he said smiling at them as he made his way back outside. Autum just rested her head in her hands listening to Beth. Words floated around in Aurum's head. The lessons were in chunks all dancing around what was really on her mind. Her finger danced around in a circle on the table as she watched Sunny cut the grass outside the window.
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