Dodgeball With Grenades

2021.10.21 16:05 GTAclipster Dodgeball With Grenades

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2021.10.21 16:05 tye-a-pink-zebra Do you support covid lockdowns?

Do you support covid lockdowns?
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2021.10.21 16:05 Mr_BeardedBread [FWI] Eric Zemmour wins the French presidential election.

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2021.10.21 16:05 merrykrystenmas Holiday Question

I go to a Starbucks a few mornings a week, and there’s on barista there’s who’s really Bomb, especially wincing I’m always carting a toddler. With the holidays coming I wanted to do something nice for her, but I also don’t want to get her in a weird situation. Are there any rules against gifts (read $$$ in a card) for individuals?
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2021.10.21 16:05 mephiztus 37 [M4F] Germany/France/Online - how was your day today?

Here I am again posting something in this ocean of nothingness. I am currently living in the border of Germany and France.
I took the opportunity to embrace a new professional challenge and well, at this age, especially during this time of working remotely, can be a challenge to meet people. Currently learning German and French 😅
My interests are diverse. I am really into music and go to concerts or pubs with music I related, enables me to enjoy better the moments.
I do like to binge watch netflix or any other streaming in the couch, always better if not alone, fact.
I do like to maintain myself active, so running, cycling, hiking, working out are things I do often on a daily basis. Planning some really cool hiking activities for Mont Blanc soon. Also into diving but until now did not have that many opportunities.
I am a sucker for roadtrips..soon one coming up.
A bit of a geek and I do love the time I spent gaming! Also a fan of long meaningful debates about pretty much anything. Interesting meeting women who also enjoy videogame. Mostly play RPG and adventure...PS4 or switch.
I try to eat healthy, in spite of enjoying wine and beer, so ideally like minded people are welcome. All in all I try to keep fit...not a gym rat at all, but I do try to have a good reflection from the mirror.
I am keen on flirtatious chat, especially about those nice destinations where to travel and have a great time.
So tell me, what is it you really want as your next destination?
How many countries/ cities have you visited so far?
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2021.10.21 16:05 Prestigious-Love-857 Kya mtlb Boards aane wale h?

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2021.10.21 16:05 ScorchedMoose Vols fans raise money for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in response to rowdy Ole Miss game

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2021.10.21 16:05 menino_muzungo Opportunity difference between EMT-B and AEMT for hiring

So basically put, I have the opportunity to take an EMT-B course around the beginning of next year using pell grants to pay for it. There is also an AEMT course at the same time, and I’m considering finishing my EMT-B on my own dime and then taking the AEMT for free instead of the EMT-B, essentially knocking out 2 certifications instead of 1.
The question is, will this make much of a difference to have my AEMT over my EMT-B for getting hired on a career department?
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2021.10.21 16:05 Mr-Brasil_1999_ Non pua

Anyone got anything info of seduction that is more psychological and social skills focused. Not pua stuff that doesn’t work?
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2021.10.21 16:05 stickpge First time getting to play with my new L85A3 things shoots like a dream

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2021.10.21 16:05 Prestigious-Camp-752 Commissary kitchen

Hey there - does anyone have a lead on a commissary kitchen? We have a foodtruck and are almost ready to roll, but are having issues with our primary and secondary options...Any help would be hugely appreciated.
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2021.10.21 16:05 No_Citron_9715 Enlarged lymph nodes for 2 years just saw my ultra sound from 5 months ago l. The doctor sent me home saying everything is okay, that's the 5th one. 100% cancer oh well guess life just ain't meant for me

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2021.10.21 16:05 _wafflepants_ Order package opened and empty

I received an order today, and unfortunately it looks like someone cut open the package and took the top out. I literally received an empty, open mailer in my mailbox. I'm so pissed! I opened an inquiry with Poshmark, but I realize there's no way to prove I didn't get the item. Will I be able to get my money back? Is there something else I should do? Thanks!
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2021.10.21 16:05 nxthompson_tny John Eastman Is Not a Victim of Cancel Culture

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2021.10.21 16:05 SickNasty07 This bull flag in the 1 year chart looks RIGHTEOUS AF🚀

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2021.10.21 16:05 Thekiwikaka12 Extreme??? That seems relatively normal

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2021.10.21 16:05 lss_bvt_and_05 LssTest-CrossPost-85523

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2021.10.21 16:05 Alternative-Bison-78 We have some new content on our stream!

So our stream currently shows videos promoing our up coming project, Washington Irving's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. Over the next two weeks we will be using the stream to show off art, teaser clips and products available via our current kickstarter project. We have had a few clips streaming on repeat for the last few days, and today are pleased to add a new teaser clip of the show to reel.
Please check us out and if you want to join us for the first stream of the final piece, consider giving us some love a little early so we can make affiliate and upload in full hd quality on release night on Halloween.
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2021.10.21 16:05 CatzillaRampage [Recruiting] Bro Team | Level 14 Clan | Casual, Family-Friendly | Looking for TH 9+ self.ClashOfClansRecruit

Hi there! We are a Level 14, family-friendly, US based clan and we don’t allow disrespect. Keep profanity to a minimum.
We are not a competitive hard-core war clan; but will do wars if we have enough participants.
We participate in CWL (currently crystal 2). You will not be criticized by BT leadership for failed attacks.
We accept some rushed bases; however, you must be willing to un-rush. We do not have a donation minimum, but help out the team when you can!
We (mostly) sleep during the night. We also have jobs, families, and school.
Leadership checks in during the day to fill requests.
Requirements/Information for Joining 1. Join Bro team Discord. We use Discord to communicate. Change your discord name to match or be similar to your in-game name. 2. League shields are required for every season to show that you are active. 3. Clan Games participation is required. We ask that you contribute 1000 points minimum for clan games.
War Rules & Requirements 1. Heroes and spell factories must be up when using your attacks. If you plan on upgrading, opt out of war. 2. Use first attack as directed in clan mail or on the war notes. 3. CC troops are a must when attacking.
Let us know how you heard about us when you join and a little bit about yourself.
Bro Team clan tag #GQQLRGPG We have a Discord server. Our Discord link:
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2021.10.21 16:05 Maximus3311 Windows 11 - I'm a luddite so would love a recommendation

Free update icon just popped up on my laptop. It's a newer gaming laptop and shouldn't have any issues updating but...should I?
I'm not the computer expert a lot of you in here are so I'd love a solid recommendation about whether it's a good idea to do it now or if I should wait.
Thanks for any/all advice!
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2021.10.21 16:05 MankiGames And so it begins everyone...

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2021.10.21 16:05 kiss-shot The first two cherub charms from my chocolate inspired set, ruby and matcha. BTW, does anybody know of any good chocolatey brown, matte resin dyes?

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2021.10.21 16:05 jhpae Cursed halloween decoration

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2021.10.21 16:05 Katfitefan Love the jeans...they actually fit nicely.

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2021.10.21 16:05 ThePanzerGuy Does anyone know where to find some SADF 61/64 water bottles or anything similar or foreign equivalents used during the Bush War?

I'm trying to build a basic reenactment kit and I'm having trouble with what is very common for any other country's impression, the water bottle/canteen.
Were there other foreign and more easily accessible alternatives to the SADF canteens used by the Rhodesians?
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