fhk6a t2n6z 3hr57 ddhhi 2569t 8493h 28ta4 yyn8r a22rr ttt54 5ry2n dzdbi n4f75 9rkkk 4nar5 r9k84 d3f3n y5937 hb2s9 rrn45 4te49 Did they use a specific version of "Funky Man" by Kool & the Gang when sampling for Smack my Bitch up. I cant find the correct section for the life of me |

Did they use a specific version of "Funky Man" by Kool & the Gang when sampling for Smack my Bitch up. I cant find the correct section for the life of me

2021.12.05 04:12 DiscoDave42 Did they use a specific version of "Funky Man" by Kool & the Gang when sampling for Smack my Bitch up. I cant find the correct section for the life of me

I'm trying to retrace their steps as a method to learn how to use Ableton and when trying to sample that song, the section seems to have too much trumpet and no guitar solo. Is there another version of the song or am I just missing the correct section?
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2021.12.05 04:12 NewsElfForEnterprise Head to Head Contrast: Mobivity (MFON) & The Competition

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2021.12.05 04:12 fghjkl36 I changed my name due to all the people that that would shout when I went out

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2021.12.05 04:12 chocolatechoux 10 Gigs of bloat?

Very odd thing happened. I noticed a while ago that I was running low on space. Went ahead and cleared all the downloaded episodes. Seems like there's still around 10 gigs of user data left.
I cleared the app data. It shows that my app data has been cleared. My phone storage total doesn't seem to have changed. I restore the settings from a backup. All the user data immediately pops back.
Very strange.
I restarted the phone and then reinstalled the app. Now after restoring settings it shows the user data at a very reasonable 160 mb. But my phone storage total STILL hasn't changed and now I have an extra 10 gigs of data sitting in the "other" catagory.
What the heck is going on? Is there some folder that I can go into to manually scrub whatever file isn't getting deleted here? I'm on a Oneplus6t
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2021.12.05 04:12 VinkyVii try not to react on your day dreaming thought's,

try to watch your day-dreaming thoughts, consciously try not to react on them, if you do then you will start day dreaming. this exercise is called मौन.
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2021.12.05 04:12 UptownComedian What are the odds?

My friend and I found 4x intelligence in the office in crackhouse, how rare is this and has it ever happened to you?
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2021.12.05 04:12 FDW13 My thoughts on the debut of HoloX, and what I think it means for Holostars in 2022

The following essay is a my theory of what may be going on under the hood over at Hololive. This theory only crystalized in my head in the wake of the surprise announcement of HoloX, aka JP 6th Gen, but I’d come to some of idea well before then. So, to get to the meat of things, I think that the announcement of Holox basically guarantees that Holostars Gen 4 is in development. The reason why I am thinking this is due to the process for which Hololive staff “Prepares” a new Generation for debuts, and how these teams are organized. So, because of how every other audition from this time last year has resulted in new Hololive talents, the debut of Holostars Gen 4 is matter of “if, but “when”, and the timing of the “when” has major implications for Cover’s plans in 2022.
This whole theory starts with Irys, but more specifically, the audition that she went through, “The Vsinger audition, and why it was happening in parallel with the “Council Auditions”. This is a discussion that had been going on in many corners of the Hololive fandom and beyond, but it was only in the last week that it finally dawned on me: Why wouldn’t Hololive try to get more talents for the EN division faster when Myth was literally the biggest debut that the company had ever seen? More came to me when I went through the list of requirements for the Vsinger Audition that was not present in the Myth and Council auditions: the requirement for JP knowledge and JP residency. I think that this requirement was put in place because the “talent development team” that helped get Irys ready for debut was (almost) all Japanese-speaking.
But before we get further, I must convey the idea of “Talent Developement Teams”. We don’t really have a ton of info on how the process of the auditions go, but I’ve come to the conclusion that these groups MUST exist within Hololive, given the way in which new generations have launched since mid-2019. In the beginning, there were three groups, what I call team A (for Hololive, team B (for Holostars), and team C (for Hololive CN). These three groups cut their teeth on the talents debuting in late 2019/early 2020. Shortly after those three units were installed, a Team D was created to handle what would become the ID and EN divisions of Hololive. Why I am so certain that these two units were working with the same set of staff? First, the auditions for ID and EN have never taken place in parallel. The EN1 auditions only got under way once ID1 debuted, the ID2 auditions only got underway once EN1 debuted, the Council auditions only started after ID2 debuted, and ID3 was only announced, once again, in the aftermath of Council’s debut. And second, it’s long been clear that all “would be” members of Hololive ID have to have to some level of English skill, as if the that’s the language that the people at Cover that are helping them get ready for debut are speaking to them. Now that I’ve (tried to) establish that they exist, some things that I think they do include stuff like troubleshooting, helping with test streams (one thing I’,m certain is a thing, due to a legendary Gura clip), helping with roleplaying, and setting (beyond what their individual managers might be able to). Now, while the word “team” conveys a large number of people, I am aware that Cover doesn’t actually have all that high of a head count, so there might be more overlap between these groups, and things might be more “ad hoc” then what I’m conveying, but I think the general concept is on the mark.
Now we move on to more recent history. So going into 2020, each of these groups were doing their part of trying to turn Cover into the 2nd big org: Team A was working with 4th and 5th Gen JP, Team B with 2nd and 3rd Gen Holostars, Team C with 2nd Gen CN, and Team D with ID Gen 1. Until (this is something I’ll be coming back to) the circumstances overtook things. The PR crises of Q3 2020 had the side effect of halting the recruitment of new JP talents, all while Holomyth was redefining what it meant to be successful Vtuber. By winter, it was becoming obvious that the EN fanbase was crying out for more, and Hololive was trying to figure out to roll out more talents sooner. And sooner is big deal here, as Holo EN has a built in time delay vis a vis other divisions, as time zone differences mean it takes longer for them to get ready for debut. The way that I imagine them thinking in December is “We recruit a JP based Vsinger now, then she can debut in April, while a full EN gen would be 6 months, and we could still slot another JP/HS gen into 2021”, especially when they had a whole team of people who were effectively on standby.
Now, what actually happened was that circumstances caught up with Hololive again. Coco decided to graduate in March, and while she didn’t make it public until June, I imagine that the staff knew by April, especially the talent development staff. Irys’s debut was shifted back to just after when Coco’s graduation would happen, and JP6’s development was put on hold. And ID really picked steam during this period (especially Ollie), and kept the EN more “sated” than what would otherwise be the case. Nevertheless, I feel that Irys has made a major impact on Hololive once she finally debuted. With Irys’s debut behind her, the team behind her (which I call team E), moved to getting JP Gen 6 ready. With one surprise debut to cap things off, we now reach the present.
Now that JP Gen 6 has been revealed, and are making their mark on the industry, I have to ask a question. What is the team in Hololive that’s behindde them doing now that JP6 is revealed?
My default answer is: Probably Holostars Gen 4.
This whole theory probably doesn't seem all that positive if you’re a Holostars fan, as it seems that I’m painting Holostars as a branch that was neglected in favor of chasing other audiences, which in some ways they were. But this is where I get to the positives, I’m actually very about the prospect of the boys in 2022, and I think I’m on the right track this time.
So, to start, the debut of Hololive Gen 6 destroys one meme that had floating around the fanbase for much of the last year: that there was going to be no more JP expansion for the foreseeable future. We know that JP and Holostars had auditions last year, so with the all the other audition announcements from that time yielding results, what’s the Hololive wouldn’t make Holostars Gen 4 a reality?
That the boys have had multiple clips saying that they don’t want expansion now? Most of the clips were in a very different time for Holostars. At the time of those clips, the Boys were only starting to reach six digits, and get 3D. Now, they all have 3D, they all are in six digits, and they’re about to have their first big concert. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wind up doing a surprise drop after the Holostars event, but that creates it’s own implications.
If you’re managing to follow my dialogue, then you’ll notice that I think that there are 2 “Talent Development Teams” in Hololive right now. There’s Team D, that has rotated back and forth between ID Gens, and EN Gens since it was established in 2019. They’re currently getting ID Gen 3 ready, and things are well advanced. I’ve been flopping back and forth between December and January for their debut, but HoloX has firmly shifted me to January. I’ve had a hunch that the success of Holo EN, and Holo ID, and the slower rate of recruitment for all branches, that all branches were going to shift to 5 man Generations. The next couple months will finally put that hunch to test. The other team in Hololive, that I call Team E, was made to get to Irys ready for debut, and shifted to doing HoloX, and is maybe doing Holostars Gen 4 right now. Now, it took 4 ½ months for Team E to get HoloX ready, though part was working around the events Hololive is doing nowadays. If we assume that Holostars Gen 4 winds up taking the same amount of time as Hololive Gen 6, and is handled by the same team as them, then that means we could be seeing the around April 2022. This kind of timeframe is incompatible with a surprise Holostar Gen 4 debut around new years.
And this where I start pining for the fnords, where things start to get really hairy. If we get a Holostars Gen 4 debut around New Years 2022, then that must mean that they weren’t handled by the HoloX team. My questions then go this: If the HoloX team isn’t doing Holostars, Gen 4 then what are they doing? And if the new Holostars team is real, then what will it be doing after Holostars Gen 4 debuts? Now mind you, this is all moot if winds up being up March (or later, if you want to be pessimist).
There’s all kinds of units to poke at here. We’ve got the possibility of Holostars ID, Hololive KR, Hololive SP, among others. But there’s one thing that comes to mind more than anything else in terms of a new Hololive branch: Holostars EN.
I really don’t think it’s crazy to consider at this point. We’ve already seen other EN agencies announce Male members, males EN indies have had some major success, and Nijisanji EN’s Wave 4 (which is going to be all-male) is on the brink of a debut announcement. Hololive has historically been a 2nd mover company, and them deciding to get their feet wet now (once other companies establish their interest), would be on par for them. Look for what kind of announcement pops up after ID 3 debuts. The same kind of logic that led to Irys happening in parallel with Holo Council, points favorably to an eventual announcement of Holostars EN: the reality that the EN audience is still hungry for more Hololive talent. Even if Holostars Gen 4 takes until March, I could see Holostars EN auditions taking place in parallel to that of 2nd EN Vsingesolo debutant.
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2021.12.05 04:12 Infraarsha Tripura: An Accident Changed The Life Of Tripura's Table Tennis Coach Kajal Dey "Never Give Up"

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2021.12.05 04:12 flytimemight please help

installed boeing 737 mod next thing i know anti virus things pop up that i havent ever heard of somebody please help me
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2021.12.05 04:12 ThreeForElvenKings Problems installing Ubuntu 18.04, NVidia card, Windows 10 Pro

I have been struggling to install Ubuntu 18.04 alongside my Windows 10, for a really long time. I recently bought Dell Vostro 3500, which comes with Windows 10 Pro. It has an Nvidia MX330 graphics card. I have been facing multiple issues trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on the system.
I have installed Ubuntu 16-20 multiple times on my old systems and do know my way around the installation quite well, as I primarily use Ubuntu as my main OS. I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on this machine and that works fine, I had no trouble. However it just refuses to install 18.04, and I need to install Ubuntu 18.04 for my needs. I suspect it has got something to do with installing Nvidia graphics drivers, however, once I am done with my installation, it stops at the blank screen saying 'clean ..., files ... blocks'. I have tried multiple solutions such as purging and reinstalling nvidia-drivers, setting nomodeset, and reinstalling xserver, disabling Wayland, and multiple other solutions. solution, another solutoin etc.
I am able to somehow install remove nvidia, install the default graphics xservers, and I can get it to work, however once I install my Nvidia drivers and restart my system, I'm back to square one. I do need NVidia graphics card support for my applications. I've tried multiple drivers from 350 to 470 and that does not help as well.
I'd like to reiterate that I was able to get Ubuntu 20.04 working with NVidia support without any issues. However, Ubuntu 18.04 (I tried 18.04.1 to 18.04.6), and none of them seem to work.
I feel that my gnome driver itself has some glitch. Once I somehow manage to get in with xorg server, the interface seems very buggy. Double finger scroll does not seem to work, no animations seem to work, the fan is running at full speed, double click to select work does not work and the system response is just slow and terrible.
I'm not sure what the error is and would need some help.
More details about my machine (that I think may be relevant):

  1. Model : Dell Vostro 3500
  2. Graphics card : Nvidia MX330 2GB
  3. TPM 2.0
The machine is no longer available in the US, so here is the model from another country, but same specs : enter link description here

PS: Please do not give me suggestions asking me to stick with Ubuntu 20.04 or just use intel graphics card. I need to install Ubuntu 18.04 for `ros-melodic` and run simulations on it using CUDA codes.
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2021.12.05 04:12 Intelligentgandalv If you where a Hashira, how would you be known?

All of the Hashira we know of have had incredibly destinctive features, that even demons learn to look out for them. Hell even the retired Hashira like Orokodaki and Jigoro have incredibly recognizable style and behaviour.
So to Ask frankly, as a Hashira what would be your Nish?
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2021.12.05 04:12 bradochazo water is hungry (sound on)

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2021.12.05 04:12 3CKD Honest thoughts about my style?

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2021.12.05 04:12 henriduf Best camgirl websites to find camgirls of India

We found two camgirl websites that allow you to find live camgirls from India. Usually, Indian camgirls are "shy" in front of their webcam and don't perform adult shows in public. However, we noticed that some of these women could get naked in private chat sessions.
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2021.12.05 04:12 MagicHourr What’s a good career path for me based on my birth chart? I feel so lost in my life rn.

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2021.12.05 04:12 ohnpilikeu Trading!

-bat dragon
-frost dragon
-neon frost dragon
-mega frost dragon
-the new ice pet
-neon unicorn
-2 elephant
-neon rhino
-5 rhinos
-golden rat
-fr frost fury
-4 phoenixs
-4 gold horns
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2021.12.05 04:12 Mark_9471 Toronto: Evening Drive from Queen Street (East) to Ryerson University in the downtown core

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2021.12.05 04:12 Cobra4152020 Hindi Sonic Bytes Video

Hindi Sonic Bytes Video
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2021.12.05 04:12 meldiwin Bradley Nelson " Tiny Intelligent Machines"

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2021.12.05 04:12 Mark_9471 Toronto: Evening Drive from Queen Street (East) to Ryerson University in the downtown core

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2021.12.05 04:12 fargito1017 Sleep over

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2021.12.05 04:12 NotSharing123 Mom is telling me to toughen up

My assault is really holding me back. When I finally told my mom she just says to toughen up and move on, and that because I was anally raped that I should consider myself "fortunate" that I won't get pregnant and because it was a stranger I can pretend the whole thing never happened. She grew up in a poor country and had a hard life, so now I'm thinking that she may be right, that my trauma is valid but I need to grow a pair, but still makes me mad that she just invalidated my pain.
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2021.12.05 04:12 Mark_9471 Toronto: Evening Drive from Queen Street (East) to Ryerson University in the downtown core

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2021.12.05 04:12 dailygrind9to5 My boss gave me a $10k pay rise but didn't mention anything about my contributions.

For context, he gave me a pay rise in response to me asking him if I could do some freelance work on the side for my ex-employer (I wasn't expecting the raise). He said he preferred if I didn't as he didn't want me "be distracted". I accepted the pay rise and said I'd turn the freelance offer down. Did he deliberately not say anything about my contributions & value because he wanted to make it clear the raise had nothing to do with that?
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2021.12.05 04:12 Worldly-Abroad2858 Issue with the app freezing?

Is is just me or does anyone else’s app constantly freeze? This happens mid show/movie or when toggling back to the home screen. We have. 3 yr old Samsung so not old but every time we want to watch HBO Max I have to go to app settings and re-download the app to get it to work. Is this normal?
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