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Just wanted to share my most favorite one!!

2021.12.05 06:13 Wooden_Character_150 Just wanted to share my most favorite one!!

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2021.12.05 06:12 Professional_Toe4208 Tried a new plug this evening

I just tested, it looks like crap but good damn.
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2021.12.05 06:12 kJslxsas Gimme a bowl cut, but don't mess with my rattail.

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2021.12.05 06:12 Riku8745 Pro Tip: "Generates a shield" makes Face Flask no longer work.

It'll still give you the recovery, but you don't trigger the self-damage. Source: Just wiped a great run to the Giant because I ran out of money rerolling and thought the shield would be awesome. It, in fact, was not.
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2021.12.05 06:12 meroxkoxamma Advice needed for recording for small vlog. I am with no budget

I am planning to make every short video vlog. But I don't have a good camera, microphone and have no choice of a proper background to make video. How should I start?
Should I start using my samsung phone with 12 mega pixel back end camera and 2 mp front camera?
Or I have a younger brother phone who uses 50 mp redmi 10 prime with 8mp front and asked him to record my moves and voice.
Also, What advice you want me for audio record and back ground?
Also, I am shy of taking my own video speaking in large public video.
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2021.12.05 06:12 SluggZillla *Spoiler* "Hollywood Handshakes'" purpose is different than what you think...

There has been talk that the famous Hollywood Handshakes being given out too frequently. I've heard my friends who watch the show along side me complain about a lot of cheese that's put into it and there just "using it for views and media". I'm here to tell you that's not the case... But I'll say it's subjective none the less because I'm just some fan and many of this is social speculation meant to be taken with a grain of salt and I encourage your own opinions and observations in the discussion. TLDR at the bottom.
You see the handshake is not about the end all reward necessarily, it's a recognition. Paul is extending his hand not to give you a dramatic sink in your heart for the dramatic point, he's doing it because he has come from a life of working his way up... And he sees them. He has tasted far more of an extravagant pallet then prue ever will simply because he's not only made it to the top, he has worked from the beginning, in his father's bake shop, maybe comfortable, maybe even poor from time to time, and he had to fight to get his way to we're he is. He tasted the dish, and he thinks "yeah I actually have no complaints, killer job" and shakes a hand. It's the raw talent they look for. Not the professional talent per se, but the raw, unfiltered and unexpected heart in the bake.
Now you see, I myself come from a construction background. If you'll bear with my attempts at metaphorical description you'll see that it's a mirrored field of work. In construction it takes time, effort, weekends, personal money (into tools, which employers rarely supply) to work my way up. Often conditions suck and I have someone who knows "better than me" telling me I'm doing it wrong and I've "ruined the whole thing" and the worst part about it is they are probably right.
Now and then, I'll have my angry, vein popping, aggressive foreman who I cannot even understand nor personalize with standing next to me looking at a whole side of a garage I framed and cut by myself and he'll turn around punch me in the shoulder and laugh. "Good job kid." It's not about anything else other then the fact my foreman, making hefty sums of money who sat right here 15 years ago, recognized the time and effort I put in to understanding the product and production and he knows.
I don't care--infact I love-- when I see everyone else get a pat on the back for there work in the same day, because we all did fantastic. We're all against each other looking to take a team lead spot or be the first got-to for side jobs that pay hundreds of dollars for a few hours of work, but in the end we looking to give a good show and get our recognition.
Paul and Prue know the stupidity of reality tv show, the drama, and the betrayal. Paul and Prue (and a very kind hearted production crew I'm sure) are one of the rarest of reality tv because the keep the heart and love present. So poetically (or intentionally?) this man who came from nothing gets to co-host with a women is is a chancellor, a writer, and came from a south african bakery...Oh... Not that South African, the south african country we're rich British entrepreneurs flocked to the coasts to expand wealth during the turn of the 17th and 18th century and on. Cape Town. The HEART of apartheid.
Prue does not give handshakes because she cannot recognize the perfection. In the semi final in the latest season when she assured Jürgan she would have given him a handshake she still doesn't. For me that's when it made sense, because in doing so it would undermine Paul's respect he deserves for the time and work-to-the-top attitude he easily tastes. But yet she still proves this further because if she was in Paul's position she probably wouldn't have given him one either. Jürgen came in strong but he did not grow, and Paul recognized his lack in improvement over time. Jürgen himself commented on the matter vulture media:
Okay, yeah, we need to discuss that. Did your elimination come as a shock to you? I kind of felt it coming.
Why was that? I can’t pinpoint it to a specific thing. Well … after the three handshakes Paul gave out, it was pretty clear, I would say.
Paul Hollywood and the Hollywood handshake. It's funny and just like in the real world, us friend groups like to play the joke dry because that's just what we do 🤣
Deep down... You know. You know when you deserved that handshake and just cause the judges get to taste it before the bakers and they don't get the, "oh yeah, you don't have to tell me" feeling until after the judges leave, doesn't mean its any different. But, the world does not stop when a man nails a bake and just cause Hollywood makes it out to be that important, doest mean it's true.
It's funny that it's "Hollywood Critics" that are angry at TGBB show handing out too many shakes, even though it's them they're mocking to begin with
Interview with Jürgen through the vulture:
TLDR; There still holds importance it's just not what Hollywood makes it out to be. Paul has experience and his handshake is recognition of their hard work to try and get where he is. It's not a golden trophy: That's at the end.
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2021.12.05 06:12 Cautious_Cabinet_678 Long post: feeling old at 38, I need perspective (TW mention of some trauma)

I have nobody mature to ask about my feelings because my mother at 73 is in a retirement home for the mentally ill and my father committed suicide at 75.
He was a diagnosed narcissist but really that act made me think that there must be something horrible in not being in your prime, even if I know that it was narcissistic decompensation and not an objective reasoning about old age that made him do it.
Due to a messy upbringing I manage to literally run away at 33 and then it happened so at 38 I now, only now, have my life in the right place to start living. My first thought is that I have lost the best and it's unfair, my second thought is that all the things that I want are now out of reach because nobody of my age want to do them, and third I think that nobody understand how much some things are important to me. All because of age.
The dream:
When I was 20 I had those people in martial arts and we were all gung-ho about going for a medal as a team, and then when I was studying there was this sense of us being the future and the cream of the intellectual research. It was a bit ridiculous and cocky, nothing came to pass, but I really want to be part of a group of "here we go!!!" that has dreams, ambitions, excitement, belief in the future.
Also I could imagine enrolling in engineering or biology or design or go abroad for a MA, everything, it was only a matter of finding within myself what I wanted to do.
And dating had a wide pool of people who were physically fit, positive, energetic and uplifted. (I never capitalised on all of this when I could, too busy surviving at home, and all of this fizzled without much to show of).
The reality:
My colleagues hate our job just as much as I do, but they say they cannot look for another job because they are already 40 and nobody will hire them. They also have troubles walking flights of stairs and say that it is because of the heart is giving way due to the onset of old age. They say that they can't wait for retirement to star living when they still have another 20+ years of work to go. They don't sleep in bed and breakfasts because they said they had "paid their due" when they were younger and now they need a proper bed in a hotel. I also have flatmates who are 25 and every time we look for a new flatmate they insist that it must not be above 30+ like me and another one, they treat me as if I have nothing to do with them because of age and that makes me feel defective. I don't look up to them, but they are planning their future and make me feel that I don't belong in the ambitious and partying crowd.
I cannot do anything to change my career because society will not accept me at 45 or something with a new degree. I live in Italy. I can move abroad then, but what is the point to achieve something when is too late? Are you not haunted by what your life could have been, since you are good and happy with the new thing, if only you had another 20 years of it? You will never reach your true self potential.I feel that is now pointless to look at myself and tell myself that I want to be a dancer, because I'm out of the age when I have a choice. What is the point of being your true self if you cannot actually be it? And more importantly: I will be an oddity. The odd one out who have a second life at 50, or something. I was never normal, and I really want to be just like everyone else to belong, to feel not alone. But I don't want to marry or have kids or stop doing taekwondo or whatever, let alone being once again the freak weirdo, this time with a career at the wrong age. Also, if you are truly something, shouldn't you be that something since early childhood, or else you are a fake?
For dating, I am in a bind because while not a virgin I have an infinitesimal level of experience and it's from a significant while ago. That is going to be off-putting because people now have and expect maturity, experience, sophistication. They will also suspect that there is something wrong with me, so I'll have to "hide my past". And there are so many people who let themselves go physically that I feel I'll never experience sex with a hot person ever again. The real important thing here are the eyes. Young people eyes are not "dead" like the eyes of people who have figured out that life sucks, I really cannot deal with that, with potential partners who have the look of "I have realised this is not what I wanted". I will never find someone at this rate. And it is very important for me to express outside what I am inside, and I want to express youthful freshness and zest for life, give the vibe of an orange orchard near the sea on a sunny day, and attract people who seek that. Realistically I cannot put my age on a dating site and achieve that. It's like my age is becoming a dirty secret.
Do you have any perspective or advice on how to get up this mental bind? I feel like I woke up only to be told that it's too late.
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2021.12.05 06:12 Lexist_ Page 4 of my fan comic. Spoilers for DR2. [OC]

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2021.12.05 06:12 praic The Anarchism sub has rules!

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2021.12.05 06:12 Mustachioed_Pizza Which one of you collects Lego?

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2021.12.05 06:12 HLMenckenFan The Disgusting Reality Behind Ron DeSantis’ New ‘Army’

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2021.12.05 06:12 Thobjo They snuck in a Waifu -Quarks

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2021.12.05 06:12 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️5000$ + 1x1 FREE Doodle Punk & 5 WL spots to grab🤑

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2021.12.05 06:12 NewsElfForEnterprise Aspirin may raise heart failure risk if you have one of these conditions, study says

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2021.12.05 06:12 RightWireReport How The American Political Elite Rules the Country - Do Not Submit! #CancelCulture #Communisttactics #democratparty #Indoctrination #JoeBiden #LegacyMedia #Propaganda #Socialism

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2021.12.05 06:12 ARES_GOD Call of Duty made billions recently, so of course Activision Blizzard is laying off QA

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2021.12.05 06:12 tinytrashtoast Is this aerial root rotting? do i need to cut it?

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2021.12.05 06:12 1heluva_human69 NFT collection

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2021.12.05 06:12 advicealt808 Reducing blonde/red hair in beard with HRT?

Leo made this video a while back: Are blond men less masculine?
He states that he believes that higher testosterone levels are associated with darker hair *”within a single person or genetically similar population”*.
I have dark brown hair and beard but I also have a lot of ginger hairs in my beard. I’m currently on 250mg test per week and I haven’t noticed any reduction in ginger hairs personally. On the video there are some anecdotal experiences about improved ability to tan and reduced ginger hairs in beard. I’m speculating here but could e2 have a significant impact in this as well? I don’t control my e2 much aside from taking 0.2mg arimidex every other week and when I get a specific e2 side effect: the ability to cry; Been clinically depressed for years but I never cry unless my e2 is high. I don’t get any sides except this one so I don’t notice high e2 until I get the specific side effect.
Looking for anecdotal experiences and thoughts on how to reduce ginger beard hair in beard using hormone manipulation. I’m not going above 250 test (works amazing as a blast for me so far), but I’m curious to see if anyone has noticed a difference when modulating e2. I do dye my beard but I’d like to have less ginger hairs “naturally” as well.
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2021.12.05 06:12 Adventurous-Low-5638 The Halo Infinite experience for PC players

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2021.12.05 06:12 partsunknown99 Corey Graves Thinks WWE Star Is “The Most Unsung Yet Valuable Player”

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