The Viet Cong in Arizona

2022.01.27 20:37 TruthToPower77 The Viet Cong in Arizona

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2022.01.27 20:37 Own-Buy6433 Associate Activity Ideas?

I'm gonna preface this by saying that I realize no amount of corny games will make up for toxic workplaces and weak pay.
My store manager has given team leads autonomy to come up with weekend activities to help associates blow off steam and encourage - dare I say it - fun. We've done a few things in past weekends already, but there's only one other team lead besides myself that's coming up with ideas. You see my problem.
I can throw out all kinds of lame ideas until I'm blue in the face, but I wanted to get input from other people that work the hellish landscape we call retail.
So, having said that, do any of you fine folk have any thoughts or suggestions? I don't want to put something together that no one ends up enjoying.
We've been given a small budget to buy things with. Around $50 or less is the general guideline. We've already done a scavenger hunt, a free-throw contest, different dress-up days, that sort of thing. I'm just seriously running out of ideas. I'm desperate enough that I recently suggested macaroni pictures............. 🥴
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2022.01.27 20:37 lutewhine New Symfonisk picture frame option @ Ikea - Toronto Cityscape

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2022.01.27 20:37 Fight100 What does gottii mean?

Keep seeing that, mirgotti something gottii don't know what it means
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2022.01.27 20:37 Night_owl-19 Stingray

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2022.01.27 20:37 K0ldbrewed_ Hello Kitty haul from today

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2022.01.27 20:37 i0datamonster Elon after reading the letter I sent him

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2022.01.27 20:37 bacardichaser Would love some feedback on my British accent!
I read a bit of Burnt Norton. Any feedback would be appreciated, as I would like to improve on it. Thank you for listening :)
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2022.01.27 20:37 Au1ket Is it though?

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2022.01.27 20:37 StockAccomplished702 Laugh Reaction GIF

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2022.01.27 20:37 steveshutt5 [POSITIVE] for /u/bigbird1414 [seller]

Well done thank you
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2022.01.27 20:37 ox- Glenn Gould plays Sorabji [Very rare home recording]

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2022.01.27 20:37 Illustrious-Face2804 Is Xinying Chyn a good professor for csci 220?

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2022.01.27 20:37 kabumbola_00 Me culpo muito e isso é culpa dos meus pais.

*por favor prestar atenção no flair*

Sei que meus pais me deram a educação que foi possível de acordo com as condições financeiras e vivências das vidas deles, mas sinto um sentimento de culpa tão grande por simplesmente viver e gozar de coisas, que fico muito envergonhada quando outra pessoa mostra que isso é muito evidente..
meus pais me deram aquela criação de que: tenho que estar sempre feliz e sorridente e bem vestida, feminina, depilada, arrumada e bem apresentável as outras pessoas, e isso com o tempo me quebrou por dentro, e sinto que quebrou minhas irmãs também, pois tem situações que vejo que fica muito MUITO claro isso...
sou a única da família que faz terapia, e tudo é baseado em valores cristãos. Mulher não deve usar decote pq ta se oferecendo. Se vc é bissexual, isso é desculpa pra um homem te ameaçar. Você tem que falar com seu marido que vc está indo na casa da sua mãe. Você só vai na casa da sua mãe com o marido, e essas coisas.

Me sinto quebrada. Na minha adolescência, fui julgada de palavras chulas de baixo calão pelos meus familiares pois descobriram que eu tinha um fake no orkut (bons tempos) e que minha OC tinha namorado e etc.. Minha família vigiou minhas redes sociais dos meus 12 aos 18 anos, e lembro muito bem da vez que minha mãe me levou no médico com 14 anos pra ver se eu não tinha engravidado pq web namorava....
não sei como dizer aos meus pais que eles são os principais causadores da minha ansiedade e depressão e que estou tentando consertar isso sozinha hoje em dia. Não gosto de tomar remédio e não gosto de me culpar de forma involuntária..
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2022.01.27 20:37 SeraGeranium Pure Pens has restocked on Dominant Industry Inks

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2022.01.27 20:37 heretogrow876122 why do so many dash cams have terrible reviews?

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but like the pinned post I am having so much analysis paralysis about getting a dash cam! Every single one I sift through has reviews about failing cameras, things not working etc.
Are dash cams just a complicated thing and not easy to understand as an average consumer or is every dash cam under $100 terrible? Pls help lol
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2022.01.27 20:37 Jenkitten165 Wanted to show off this weird render bug i had

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2022.01.27 20:37 anon283318 Free ~$15 of LGX (~$5 sign-up and ~$10 watching videos) from Legion Network [NO DEPOSIT, NO ID, SIGN-UP IN MINUTES]

Legion Network is the worlds’ first blockchain ecosystem combining industry’s best services in one “Super App”. These include crypto, NFTs, GameFi, VR, AR and SaaS.
The project has gained significant momentum on social media, with their twitter following now at >85K and app downloads more than 500K.
There’s nothing to lose here - there’s no deposit, no ID verification and sign-up only takes a couple of minutes. You can then watch videos from the “Empower Academy” (no tests, just getting paid to click through videos that teach you about crypto).
Instructions to get your hands on ~$15 of free LGX:

  1. Download the Legion Network app using my referral link for 34 LGX for free (~$5) here: Legion Network Referral Link (free ~$5), the referral code to enter upon app sign-up is 53xJjCJ) (non-ref). [Note, referrals result in the referrer and referee both receiving 34 LGX for free].
  2. Launch the app inputting the referral code 53xJjCJ (non-ref, no code) and input your name, email address and password. That’s it for the sign-up!
  3. To obtain your free 63 LGX (~$10) watch the “Empower Academy” videos on the ‘Home’ tab, ‘Empower’ (blue button on the right-hand side) and click through the videos on “WHat is Legion Network?” and “Blockchain Mastery Course”.
You can then see all of your rewards under ‘Profile’ then ‘Claim Rewards’. Here is proof of the my free ~$15 following the steps above. In addition, you can boost your LGX by playing games under ‘Arcadia’ if you like phone games, or by completing other tasks in the app.
Rewards should be available to claim after 1 March 2022.
Referral link: Legion Network Referral Link (free ~$5) - 53xJjCJ is the referral code for the app when signing up.
Non-referral link: Non-ref - no code in the app when signing up.
Terms and conditions: Legion Network T&Cs.
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2022.01.27 20:37 UnfairPie9043 Salary Cap Keeper League Startup

Starting a 16 team IDP Keeper League with Salary Cap aspects on Sleeper. League will have a standard draft but players will be assigned an auction value. (Members will be notified of player values ahead of draft.) Each team has to remain under set "Salary Cap". Salary cap issues shouldn't be an problem until year 2 when you try to keep players. See more below
Teams FAAB budget for the year will be their remaining salary cap space. (Example: Cap $400, Team Value $350 = $50 FAAB) Salary Cap is only a factor during the draft. In-season pickups & trades will not affect salary cap during season.
End of season Cap space and subsequent draft. You are allowed to keep all but 2 of your players on your team. Each player you keep however, incurs a %15 premium of their current value against the cap. This doubles every year you keep the player on your team. League spreadsheet & commish will assist in tracking cap space and player cost.
Player Cost Example:
Season 1 - Draft: Josh Allen $77
Season 2 - Keeper: $77 x 0.15% = $11.55 + (New Value) = Season 2 Salary Cap Hit
Season 3 - Keeper: Season 2 Value x 0.30% + (New Season 3 Value) = Season 3 Salary Cap Hit
Season 4 - Player Dropped enters Draft: Costs current season Value (Premiums are removed)
This should help cycle valuable players back into the draft every couple years.
Each team who signs up will pick an NFL team to represent. (No Duplicates)
Let me know if you wish to join or see any flaws in this system. Excited to get this idea off the ground!
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2022.01.27 20:37 TheGreatFern Considering switching, is Tidal the same as a few years ago?

Obviously don't need to expand on why. I remember enjoying Tidal and the HiFi experience a few years ago but was really frustrated with how glitchy the app was and the lack of social features. I remember once reaching out to support team and literally never getting a response. Not to mention they lacked the discographies of a few artists that I enjoy.
But the HiFi experience is still really appealing to me. Can any current Tidal users tell me how the platform does now? What have they fixed and added? Have they expanded their music library? Thanks!
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2022.01.27 20:37 saywoodiditisback MEGA PYT CHAT 8,000 pics n videos 💰 HMU on IG 💰💰@ xyzcantbme

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2022.01.27 20:37 ThePassionFruyt Reposting the failures of our brother but with proof this time, the final photo is what the link led to.

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2022.01.27 20:37 Asphodan Neat legal battle.

Now, I'm not willing to do it Myself - I'm deadset against being arrested, which precludes any court appearance (Because what threat would they have to dangle over My head to get Me there?) in a blend-in setting..
But, If somebody were, in court, where transcripts are kept - or even on their written appeal, write "I should get acquitted, or a new trial, because as the universe flips and folds and as I wait in prison, eventually it'll come to the point of ..."
Basically, do you know what'd happen if you asked somebody "Why do you believe that?" relentlessly about secondhand info, somebody with a lot of access could see something distinct.
It makes criminal trials interesting.
And, "True reporting", or whatever, interests...
Well, anyway - it'd be helpful for documenting something if somebody, like a female, definitely not Me, who has goals and whatnot, and ain't ready to toss away this identity - should.
Preferably on something distinct - like, "Shoved potatos up their own dog's butthole" or something. Quite distinct.
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2022.01.27 20:37 blue_bini I just wanted to say this I posted a comment but I just wanted to share it as a post too

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2022.01.27 20:37 J_cracka Is this a good heater for one betta in 5 gallon tank?

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